Why So Many In MLM Are Second Guessing Their Uplines Marketing Skills

What To Do When Trying To Intensely Prospect Anyone into Your MLM Just Doesn’t Feel Right

The reality is, not everyone cares about your MLM or Network Marketing business!

I thought that would catch your attention.

It’s overwhelming, I know, when you have your upline telling you to prospect anyone with a breath and a pulse to join your business. Here’s the truth that many uplines won’t tell you:

Trying to prospect everyone will lead you to a 99% “No” response rate which only leads to stress and frustration regarding your chances of becoming successful.

Me personally, holding meetings with a room full of strangers, probably not qualified to become entrepreneurs, in my living room, was getting old FAST.

In addition, from recent conversations with others in the MLM industry, the majority are feeling the same as well.

Let’s think about this for a second, shall we?

If you were the CEO of a major corporation, would you want someone working directly under you that is completely unqualified for that position, or would you want someone as highly qualifies as possible?

The answer is quite obvious. You want someone just as or even more qualified than yourself to be a member of your “Board of Directors” in your MLM or Network Marketing business.

However, the truth is, most networking business owners do not see this as an important matter. Most just want to get their business in front of everyone, hoping that SOMEONE, ANYONE, will say “YES”.

The million-dollar question is: “Why aren’t you looking for qualified individuals for YOUR MLM/Direct Sales business?”

Here are several answers you might be saying to yourself right now:

  • I don’t know how to target qualified prospects into my business.
  • Why would someone with higher qualifications than me want to join MY business, under ME?
  • How can I tell when someone is qualified to work with me in MY business?
  • Why is no one telling me this information?

Unfortunately, most that have reached success from prospecting everyone and their mother personally feel that they are not obligated to share this information for fear that others will surpass their own success.

Sad, isn’t it?

In any MLM or Network Marketing business, the goal IS TO share this kind of info SO THAT others DO become successful as well and maybe even surpass your own level of success.

What’s so wrong with that?


There’s nothing wrong with someone that YOU personally acquire into your business becoming even more successful than yourself. In reality, THAT’S THE GOAL!

Now, in order for you to understand and gain the knowledge of exactly HOW TO find QUALIFIED prospects into you business, one thing has to take place.

You must remove the thought of ME from your prospecting and insert the YOU and THEM.

Let me clarify that, just in case I lost you there.

Most home business owners are focused on what I call the “Join Me” attitude of recruiting. This is when you are more concerned with whether they join you or not than the actual benefits of what your specific opportunity can do for someone.

When you start to focus your marketing efforts at what the actual “Benefits” are about your business and what it can potentially do to change someone’s life, THEN will you begin to notice…..RESULTS!

Now, about the “Where to find these qualified prospects” issue, you need to understand two things in particular:

  1. Who is your target market?
  2. What are their biggest desires?

Why So Many In MLM Are Second Guessing Their Uplines Marketing Skills

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