Will Tesla Survive Long Term (2019) – Quora Questions Answered

Will Tesla Survive Long Term (2019) – Quora Questions Answered

Tesla is far liked because the futuristic firm that’s making tomorrows tech accessible to us all proper right here, proper now. But how will we really feel about it when the longer term lastly will get right here? Will Tesla survive and prosper within the 2020’s and past? Quora questions round this subject and extra are right here answered by the web’s most inquiring minds.

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  1. I'm so glad you started posting videos again. I've been waiting a long time for this I just love everything that you write about say. I really like this format and I like the idea that you will be doing other important topics other than just Elon Musk. Thanks again and I'm so glad you're working on your channel again!

  2. The Tesla Army will not go down in defeat!!! The 3 stooges & their dufus ICE boxes along
    with oil, are on the way "OUT"!!! Don't pay attention to those channels that start with (c),
    they're bought by the ICE & oil scammers. Want to make a ton of cash? Short the ICE & oil
    producers with a leap option & watch what happens. I'll have my Tesla shaken, not stirred.

  3. The Boring company will eventually buy out Tesla as it’s integral to Boring company and Hyperloop development and will generate more profits.

  4. Tesla will continue to prosper and will survive. They will help to save our environment….worldwide. EV’s are here to stay.

  5. ^The ?hope is that tesla dies. Their arrogance, fuelled by scumbag like elon musk, would make it so sweet if the oil industry, auto ind., and the usa gov't [ which needs the revenue] takes them down.

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