With Modern MLM-Network Marketing You Can Overcome Blood From A Turnip Financial Advice

I must admit that I am sort of a TV nerd. I love shows like sixty minutes and the News Hour on PBS. I flip through CNN news and other informational programming all the time. One of the reoccurring themes that I see now days is so called experts giving advice on personal finances.

Just a day or two ago, I saw another expert giving what I consider minimalist advice. I believe in being smart with your money, but after a while it just doesn’t add up for a lot of people. Most of the repeated advice goes something like this.

You need to save an emergency fund (6 months living expenses) in case of a lay off or other emergency. You need to pay yourself first by saving a percentage of your salary before paying for or buying anything. You need to contribute the maximum to your 401k. You need to save a college fund for the kids; and on and on and on; and I haven’t even mentioned enjoying life!

This is Blood From A Turnip Advice For Most People

The Problem I have with the above advice that I hear given over and over again is where is the money for all this good advice gonna come from? The average American could possibly achieve some of these things if they buy only the things they need in life; which creates another little problem since our economy is based on people buying over and above what they need. When Americans buy only what they need in life, the economy goes into recession. Salaries are stagnate at best for most people and the middle class is being squeeze more and more every day. Before I left the airline industry my salary/benefits were slashed by 35%.

Why Not MLM/Network Marketing

When I hear the advice of these experts, I sit there waiting for someone to state what I think is the obvious; people need more income. I know that if you are bad with money, more of it won’t help you; but I am talking straight numbers here. There is just not enough money coming in for most families. Now I know the reputation that old school tactics have caused in MLM/Network Marketing, but you have to know the benefits that MLM offers can enable families to make large enough incomes to accomplish the above mentioned goals and have more time together as a family.

Now, I know what you are thinking, MLM/Network marketing would be great if I could build it without chasing people around! bugging my family and friends, printing flyers and so on. Well, if you were paying close attention, in the previous paragraph when I mentioned MLM/Network marketing I said old school MLM/Network marketing.

The MLM/Network Marketing Game Has Been Modernized

Read carefully here, if you are or ever have been involved with MLM and you had a hard time with the sponsoring/recruiting part of the business; you need to restart your efforts with modern day internet based recruiting methods that not only put you in the position of the hunted and not the hunter; but will delivery 50-100 leads on a daily basis while making money along the way! Such is the power of correct internet marketing. I am a full time MLM/Network marketing now after years of marginal success doing it the old way. The methods I speak of are not part of an Multi Level program. This is a lead/recruiting/profit system that will put the building of any MLM program on auto-pilot. Click below, and check it out for yourself.

With Modern MLM-Network Marketing You Can Overcome Blood From A Turnip Financial Advice

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